A recent study showed music fans care the most about climate change, but mainstream musicians aren’t often associated with environmental activism. We’ve done a little digging for our Spring playlist, and you might be surprised who is playing their part for the planet.

Political and sometimes polarising, the 1975 speak their minds and have supported numerous environmental organizations and campaigns. They often use social media and festival appearances to promote climate activism and share information about environmental causes. The band even released a song featuring Greta Thunberg.

Jack Johnson
Known for his laidback back melodies and surfer-poet persona, Jack has been an outspoken advocate for climate action since the beginning. Through his environmental work with the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation and in his current role as an UNEP representative, Jack and his wife Kim support environmental, art and music education worldwide.

Ellie Goulding
A dedicated advocate for various causes and a committed philanthropist, Ellie has consistently leveraged her influence to connect young individuals with global issues. In 2017, she earned the United Nations’ New Voices Award from the UN Foundation for her activism and currently works with the UN as a Global Environmental Ambassador.

Ed Sheeran
Generally quiet-spoken and laidback, Ed has been vocal about his personal environmental commitments. He’s taken meaningful steps on tour to reduce his carbon footprint by using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and supporting environmental initiatives. Renowned for his passion for wildlife and the natural world, Sheeran has spoken openly about buying extensive parcels of land for the purpose of tree planting, actively supporting the rewilding movement.

Coldplay are considered to be amongst the most environmentally friendly major touring artists in the world. The recent “Music of the Spheres” World Tour, which began in March 2022, has been powered almost entirely by renewable energy, using a rechargeable show battery. The battery is not only powered by recycled cooking oil and solar power, but also the kinetic energy of their audiences.

First Nations singer/songwriter Nidala Barker (NIDALA) is a self-described hopeful human with many interests. She has not only released a carbon neutral EP, Colours of My People, she is currently on the board of Green Music Australia, a charity harnessing the cultural power of music to create a greener, safer future.

If you know any musicians making a difference, we’d love to hear about them! Email theteam@solarschools.net.