Citizen science projects are a fantastic way for students to actively participate in scientific research, contribute to meaningful projects, and gain valuable hands-on experience in the field. Here are some interesting citizen science projects suitable for students of all ages.

Redmap Australia – Redmap
Students with an interest in marine life can contribute to Redmap Australia, where they report sightings of uncommon or rare marine species in their local coastal areas. This information helps track the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems.

Australia Pollinator Count
Coordinated by researchers from the University of New England and several other conservation organisations, APC encourages students to observe and document wild pollinators like bees and butterflies. The data collected helps assess and protect Australia’s pollinator diversity. Remember to put 11—19 November 2023 in your calendar!

We have mentioned this one previously but it’s definitely hopping on! Run by the Australian Museum, FrogID aims to monitor and conserve Australia’s frog populations. Students can download the FrogID app, record frog calls, and help scientists track and identify different frog species across the country.

Galaxy Zoo
Although not specific to Australia, Galaxy Zoo invites students to explore the universe by classifying galaxies and identifying celestial objects in astronomical images. It’s a great platform for young astronomers with various studies being added regularly.

Seadragon Search
Dragons you say! Seadragons specifically, unique fish living exclusively along the southern coast of Australia. A community-based research initiative with a mission to collect data about wild seadragon populations through underwater photography. With human help this project uses machine learning tools to identify seadragons in photos and track individual dragons over time.

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