ACES Summary:

  • To date 324 Schools have had solar panels installed
  • This equates to 24 MW of Solar capacity
  • That’s around 54,622 solar panels!

Average Impacts (calculated from the last 28 Days)

  • 133.98MWh per day of solar Generation
  • Saving approx. $21,885 per day in grid electricity purchase
  • Saving the use of 237,120 litres of water per day in grid electricity generation
  • Avoiding the emission of 108.5tonnes of CO2e per day, equal 4,985 trees growing for 1 year

This year:

  • 25.73 GWh of solar Generation
  • $4,333,463 in energy savings
  • 45,538,241 litres of water savings
  • 20,841 tonnes of CO2e avoided, equal to 957,340 trees growing for one year

In Context:

In Australia there are 9,542 schools, there are only 6,500 (approx.) service stations and 994 Woolworths supermarkets.  Schools emit about 2.3 million tonnes of CO2e from energy consumption alone, in comparison with Woolworths who emit about 2.3 to 2.4 million tonnes of CO2e for total operations per year.  Schools also emit more co2e per year than BHP operations.