In anticipation of the long summer break, we’ve put together a list of our favourite books of the year. Perfect for motivational beach/pool reading or mindful Christmas gifts.

  1. The Book of Hope (Penguin)
     Jane Goodall

    Jane Goodall is famed for her encounters with chimpanzees in the forests of Gombe as a young woman and decades of dedicated conservation campaigning. The Book of Hope is essential reading that brings together stories from her fascinating past and looks toward a positive future she hopes we can all create.

  2. Costas World – Gardening for the soil, the soul and the suburbs (HarperCollins)
    Costa Georgiadis

    If you don’t know Costa by name you’ll almost certainly recognise him as the distinctive bearded host of Gardening Australia on ABC. In Costa’s World, the landscape architect and environmental educator explores every aspect of the garden, ranging from biodiversity in soil to the importance of bees as pollinators. Full of ideas for young and old this a must read for the aspiring gardener.

  3. How To Avoid a Climate Disaster (Penguin Random House)
    Bill Gates

    Former Microsoft boss, current humanitarian Bill Gates provides practicable, sustainable solutions for humanity to reverse global climate change. Gates often divides opinions (as most billionaires do) but this work is refreshing, positive from an undeniably astute problem solver.

  4. Climate Change [WIRED guides] (Penguin)
    Bianca Nogrady

    A welcome addition to the eclectic WIRED guides, Bianca Nogrady analyses the science of climate change and explores the latest science, technology, economics, agriculture that will help us get to carbon zero. A relatively short but informative read that will bring you up to speed on climate innovation around the globe.

  5. One Pot, Pan, Planet – A greener way to cook for you, your family and the planet (4th Estate)
    Anna Jones

    As the title suggests, Anna Jones has written a cookbook specifically how to eat more sustainably and waste less food. A worthwhile addition to any home this book takes climate action to the kitchen with dozens of ‘insanely good vegetarian recipes’ that will satisfy even the fussiest eaters.

  6. Diary of a Young Naturalist (Penguin)
    Dara McAnulty

    This award-winning book captures the connection between 15-year-old author Dara and the natural world around him in Northern Ireland. Dara explains, “I have experienced challenges but also felt incredible joy, wonder, curiosity and excitement. In sharing this journey my hope is that people of all generations will not only understand autism a little more but also appreciate a child’s eye view on our delicate and changing biosphere.”