Following our popular apps roundup last year (featuring our own Planet Watch), we’ve put together a fresh list of apps to keep you inspired while isolating indoors or exploring outdoors. They’re not all new but definitely still worth checking out.

Greener thumbs
Home horticulture has boomed doing the last two years but keeping plants alive can be a challenge for the uninitiated. Planta has you covered with individual reminders for your plants, step by step care guides, a light meter and other recommendations to keep your best fronds alive.

I, naturalist
Consider yourself a nature lover or naturalist? iNaturalist is for everyone from the hobbyist, to the biology student, through to bona fide scientists and researchers who want to share observations from the outside world. A legitimate tool to help identify plants and animals around you, iNaturalist is a joint initiative by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

Make like a tree
If you like walking and trees, this is the app for you. Treekly is a step counter with an awesome difference. Hit 5,000 steps in a week and they’ll plant one mangrove tree is planted on your behalf in Madagascar! Sponsors fund the planting part so all you have to do is his those goals on your weekly commute to school or work.

Small world
Created for smaller explorers (4-10 years old), the All the World app designed to inspire and nourish innovative thinking and outside exploration with curated video content focused on in science, nature, arts and crafting. Run by non-profit it’s all very fun, wholesome and ad-free.

Sharing is caring
Ever considered composting but don’t have the space? Or maybe you have a garden and not enough compost? ShareWaste is the ultimare match-making, mulch-making platform for you. Use the ShareWaste map to connect with people who wish to recycle food scraps and neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming or even keep farm animals.

Want to change bad habits but don’t know how? Enter Ailuna, an app that helps you to set green goals and positive actions into daily challenges. Set daily tasks like switching off lights or wasting less food and the app will help you keep track of your progress. Best of all, you can team up with friends or even your class.

Snap into action
Snapshot is a terrific web app that displays up-to-date greenhouse gas emission profiles at the municipal, Federal Electorate, and state level. All the local profiles on the platform add up to the national emissions total which means no emissions go unaccounted for.

If you know any other apps making an impact, we’d love to hear from you! Please send recommendations or feedback to