School Spotlight aims to highlight each and every one of the unique schools within the Solar Schools program. This month we’re off to Strathpine, located in Moreton Bay on the northside of Brisbane. Anita Virgo, the business manager at Strathpine West State School generously sat down with us (virtually) to answer a few important questions.

How would you describe your school?
Our school is nestled amongst the trees. We have a family of Bush Curlews who also call our school home and we often spot koalas.

Did your school have Energy & Sustainability measures put in place before joining the Solar Schools program?
Yes – a small number of solar panels on the admin building – not sufficient to run effectively.

How did you first hear about the Solar Schools program and what prompted your school to join?
Sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint and save money.

Does the Solar Schools program help your teaching team achieve education objectives?
Yes it enables us to “keep our school cool” helping the children to learn and succeed.

Does the Solar Schools program help students achieve energy/sustainability goals at school and home?
Yes reduced (the school’s) need to use coal fired electricity.

What activities has your school/classrooms undertaken that are changing behaviours around energy usage?
Solar panels have inspired our Year 5 students to continue their sustainability initiative by engaging in the containers for change program.

What would you like to see added to the Solar Schools program that would benefit your school?
More panels to increase efficiency. Batteries for storing energy when these become available.

Would you recommend Solar Schools to other schools (or organisations)?
Yes – anything that can save the school money and inspire the next generation (and the current one!) to be more environmentally friendly is a good thing!

Every school has an interesting story and we love to hear them! Please contact us via if you’d like to be featured.