If you’re spending more time indoors due to the most recent lockdowns or just the cooler weather, why not catch-up on some of the best climate films and series. These new-ish, critically acclaimed documentaries are some of our favourites and well worth streaming.

Big Weather (and how to survive it) (2021)
Presented by local legend Craig Reucassel (Fight for Planet A, War on Waste), this three-part documentary explores how communities deal with the devastating effects of extreme weather. Braving fires and floods, we see how Australia’s emergency services are pushed in the face of climate change.

Brave Blue World (2020)
With a Hollywood cast featuring Matt Damon, Jaden Smith and Liam Neeson as narrator, this compelling documentary travels around the world highlighting unique ways water problems are being addressed. Encompassing developments in areas such as water reuse, nutrient recovery, energy generation, decentralized treatment, and the digitization of water, it will make you rethink water.

Chasing Coral (2017)
A few years old now but no less relevant. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out to discover why coral reefs are disappearing around the world. This Emmy and Sundance award winner is essential viewing explaining how coral loss is intrinsically linked to climate change.

David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet (2020)
This film serves as a self described witness statement for Sir David, as the film looks back over the 93-year-old’s career and the change he has seen in our environment. Sometimes scary but always educational. This is a must watch for young and old, a clear warning that we must act now.

I Am Greta (2021)
The origin story Greta Thunberg deserves, this documentary follows the renowned teenage climate activist from unknown school girl to international climate warrior. An engaging look into the life of one girl with a unwavering drive to make to a make difference.

My Octopus Teacher (2020)
Winner of Best Documentary Feature film at this year’s Academy Awards, My Octopus Teacher documents the unlikely friendship between a filmmaker and an octopus, obviously. Filmed over 10 years off the coast of South Africa, a truly special story capturing humanity’s undeniable connection with nature.

If your favourite documentary is missing from the list or you have any other recommendations please let us know!