Russian manufacturing firm Kalashnikov is famous for the AK-47 assault rifle, traditionally favoured by action movie villains but the company does actually manufacture various other things. This week the firm announced the CV-1, a retro-inspired electric car it hopes will compete with Tesla’s offerings.

Inspired by a Soviet hatchback created in the 1970s, the distinctive throwback design definitely stands out from the crowd and is set to have a driving range of about 350km on a single charge.

Earlier in the week, jokes were being made about the new Kalashnikov combat robot “little Igor” looking outdated but the CV-1 design was received a little more enthusiastically and to be honest we kind of dig it.

If the 1970s retro-inspired styling of the CV-1 doesn’t appeal to you it might be worth checking out the Morgan EV3 for a more classic shape. The bespoke 3-wheeler offers a zero-emissions technology with a 1930s roadster style that would be unmissable on the road. Alternatively, the AUDI e-tron Sportback seems like a safe bet for something more contemporary.

SOURCES: BBC, Morgan, Audi