News Year’s resolutions can be traced back to Babylonian times and have become a well-worn tradition for annual self-improvement and subsequent disappointment. 2019 was a big year for identifying sustainability issues and raising climate change awareness (thank you Greta), but if you’re keen to act in 2020 these resolutions are definitely worth sticking to!

Think About Travel

  • Use those feet. Walk or cycle as your go-to form of transport when ability, weather and distance permit.
  • Trains over planes whenever possible. Air travel should only be used when it’s the only option.
  • Pack your reusable items, remember that cutlery, water bottle, and KeepCup.
  • Choose eco-conscious accommodation. You’ll be surprised how many green resorts, eco-lodges and ethical glamp grounds are around.

Slow Your Shopping

  • Avoid single-use at all costs. Straws and plastic bags are obvious but start to phase out other disposable items.
  • Research brand ethics and find alternatives where necessary
  • Avoid fast fashion and passing trends
  • Consider vintage clothing and refurbished electronics

Review Your Diet

  • If you eat meat, make it a treat. Even reduced servings will make a significant difference to the environment.
  • Understand the impact of your vegies. Some of our favorites like almonds and avos aren’t as sustainable as other vegetables.
  • Don’t waste anything. Eat leftovers and compost anything after that.

Discuss The Issues

  • Do your research thoroughly to help better understand the scientific consensus.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, speak up when misinformation is quoted, or engage in polite dialogue.

Stay Positive

Finally, it can be tough thinking about the negative impacts of climate change but stay upbeat! Different communities are making important progress around the world, new innovations are being made every day and there are literally tens of millions of people who really care about the planet, just like you.