Have you been plogging lately? Do you know what plogging is?

For the uninitiated, the term comes from a mashup ‘plocka upp’ which translates from Swedish as ‘pick up’, and jogging. Basically jogging while picking up litter. While it sounds like an extreme Clean Up Australia Day event or punishment from your phys ed teacher, it’s popularity is on the rise. A quick online search shows groups popping up in the UK, Italy, Finland, the US, Canada, Venezuela, Malaysia and India. Even Guðni Th. Jóhannesson (the Icelandic President, obviously!) was spotted getting involved.

ABC News recently identified an enthusiastic group of ploggers in Byron Bay, “We saw it on social media and we thought, ‘We can do this!'” said Geoff Bensley a member of the Byron Bay Runners and founder of Plogging Australia. The group has been cleaning a 7-kilometre stretch all of the way to Lennox Head, a neighboring town.

Plogging Australia suggests the trend is here to stay and Instagram is also showing plenty of activity for #plogging. If you’re thinking about jogging anytime soon, it might be time to grab some gloves and give plogging a go!

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