School Spotlight aims to highlight each and every one of the unique schools within the Solar Schools program. This month we caught up with STEM Facilitator, Alex Moran, from Everton Park State School on the northside of Meeanjin/Brisbane.

How would you describe your school? What makes it different/unique from other schools?
Our school is very inclusive. We care for ourselves, others, our school and the environment. We have a focus on these four areas to support our learning and understanding of ourselves and others. This means we can also support our understanding of the impact we have on others and our environment.

Did your school have Energy & Sustainability measures put in place before joining the Solar Schools program?
Yes – we have a four bin system at our school and characters that we call Waste Warriors – paper scruncher, food muncher, rubbish scruncher and popper gobbler. Students in Year 5 support younger students to use the bin system correctly and children take their rubbish home rather than using bins. We have reduced our waste significantly through this system. We also have Tangalooma Ecomarine Ambassadors who work to support the cleaning of waterways.

How (or where) did you first hear about the Solar Schools program and what prompted your school to want to join?
Through DoE (Department of Education) when we got solar panels put on our roof.

Does the Solar Schools program help your teaching team achieve education objectives?
Year 5 utilise the information for one of their Science units.

Does the Solar Schools program help students achieve energy/sustainability goals at school and home? If so how?
Our Science units support this through the curriculum.

Has Solar Schools helped your school reduce electricity usage and costs? If so do you know by how much?
Yes, it’s been a wonderful saving and way to track peak times.

What would you like to see added to the Solar Schools program that would benefit your school/students?
Explicit links to Australian Curriculum – V9.

Would you recommend Solar Schools to other schools (or organisations)? If so, what would you tell them about Solar Schools and, want them to get from the program?
Yes – a great way to practically engage students in learning about the use of solar and use of energy in school.

Every school has a unique story and we love to hear them! Please contact us via if you’d like to be featured in the future.