Continuing from our suggested citizen science projects from previous years, here are some of the more interesting projects you can join right now!

Backyard Worlds
Are you one those people who always finds Wally? NASA astronomers need help from humans to sort through space images from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission. Why not try your hand (or eye) at searching the fringes of our solar system for important light matter.  

NASA Globe Could Gaze
If you always have your head in the clouds, this might be the NASA project for you. There are two ways to participate, ‘Cloud Cover’ and ‘What Do You See’. ‘Cloud Cover’ encourages participants to capture cloud cover with your phone, otherwise you can try your hand at identifying cloud types in ‘What Do You See’.

Insect Investigators
Insect Investigators aims to bring scientists and schools together to discover, describe and document Australia’s biodiversity. This project requires schools to formally register participation but you can register your interest here.

Contribute to the protection of our oceans by counting seals in images captured from drones! Phillip Island Nature Parks scientists need help to analsye data faster, are you up to the challenge?

Bushfire Recovery
Every year bushfires decimate areas of Australia, impacting communities and nature. Fire fighters do an incredible job, but you can play your part too by joining projects in your area. Numerous projects collect data in different ways with an aim to understand and prevent future fires.

Virtual Reef
An innovative approach to monitoring and managing the Great Barrier Reef, this project encourages reef visitors to to classify, explore, model and upload your snaps! With every bit of data collected, you’re helping manage and protect the reef.

If you know any other great citizen science projects, we’d love to hear about them! Please send recommendations or feedback to