Plastic rubbish and other undesirable waste wash up on beaches every minute around the world but unfortunately, it’s often impossible to tell where the waste originates and who’s responsible. Beautiful beaches in places like Bali often see tonnes of waste wash in from other parts of the world and eco-conscious locals are left embarrassed and angry. Starting in Australia, the Australian Marine Debris Initiative app hopes to address this issue.

Developed to utilise a database that has been manually compiled by environmental group Tangaroa Blue Foundation since 2004, the new app allows users to document clean-up efforts by capturing images and barcodes found on consumer waste items. The info is then collected and analysed to better understand where waste is coming from. Geographic and other identifying information is often stored in barcode and this knowledge can be leveraged to hold waste producers accountable and hopefully lead to cleaner oceans.

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SOURCES: Tangaroa Blue Foundation

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